Thursday, February 4, 2010

South Pacific in Seattle

The sun is out in Seattle! Just what we need to get through a 9-show week here!
It's crazy, 9 shows in a week, but I'm interested to see how hard it will actually be. The show is so streamlined now that we are all working very efficiently, so it should be OK. We are still getting standing ovations at every performance, so apparently the quality of the show is remaining high.

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  1. My teen-age daughter and I attended South Pacific on 2/9/2010. You earned a standing ovation that night, as I hear you do everynight. No wonder, this was the best musical show we have ever seen. We will never forget your performance. Your singing, and also your acting, exceeded our high expectations - breathtaking. You made memories for us that we will long enjoy. Thank you! Victoria