Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Day After

Now I have a free day, and I'm looking forward to a long mountain bike ride in the hills above Claremont with my beloved brother-in-law, Mark the Mountain Bike Master. Just as soon as I get my Christmas lights down. kind of embarrassing!

Recital last night

My thanks to everyone involved in my rectal last night on the USC campus: To Mitsuko Morikawa for her excellent piano collaboration. Sorry I didn't have readable music to you sooner! You did great, especially the Messiaen, which is almost unplayable! Thanks to Kevin Kumar for his great solo on "Oif may'n kas'neh" and to Timothy Landauer on the beautiful Elijah excerpt. And to Maia Jasper and Meredith Crawford for completing the quartet for Dover Beach! To Morten Lauridsen, who made a special guest appearance to play the duet version of his "Sure On This Shining Night" with me and Carin. That was really amazing! Of course, I love singing with my daughter Carin, who ALWAYS says "yes" whenever I ask her to perform with me. Thanks Cari!!