Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grammys continued

Well, we didn't get the Grammy for Saint François d'Assise, but I was in good company, as Placido Domingo was also nominated for Marco Polo and he didn't win either! My congratulations go out to Nathan Gunn and the others involved in the Billy Budd recording that DID win. My wife Tina and son Marc and sister-in-law Liz had an amazing time anyway. But I really did want that golden Grammaphone in my hands!


  1. Hi Rod,
    It's a shame you didn't get the Grammy - it would have been deserved. I still enjoy watching the DVD of St. Francois and every time a discover something new.
    The performance I attended in Amsterdam was very impressive, but to much to take in in one time, so I'm very happy with the DVD.
    Marty Lucas

  2. Dear Rod,

    just sharing - I saw the Met`s production of "Simone Boccanegra" last night, as part of the HD Live program, with Mr.Domingo as Simone, and enjoyed it a lot, to say the least. (And, he is NOT a baritone, as we know:)) Such a treat to have the Met`s productions at our elbow - and LIVE, too. (Almost literally at my elbow, since one of the three movie theaters here in my country that have joined the HD program, happens to be located quite close to where I live).

    Nice to "hear" that "Émile de Becque" is a success. And, about the Grammy - I`m sure there will be THE next time:)

    In bocca al lupo, and all the best,

    Maarja Kaplinski