Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SoCal Rain

We are finally receiving significant rainfall in California.  We have had a terrible drought for the last few years. What we need is more of this: regular, evenly spaced rainfall. Yes, we use too much water here. I look out from my studio window and I see lush green lawns all down my street and in my own front yard. (Except for the people across the street and three doors down who have made rocks and cactus their landscaping choice. Yes, it's sensible considering where we live, but it looks like hell!) We were discussing with Roger & Angie (Tina's sister and her husband- who live across the street) last night how we would love to reduce our water bill, and might consider re-landscaping to something that conserves more water. But we all want to keep some grass. We have a beautiful little granddaughter now, and playing on the grass is something that we want her to be able to do. But, dang, water here is expensive, and the price is expected to rise dramatically in the next couple of years.

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